About me: Before and Now

As you might have read in my mission page, I had an overweight problem not too long ago.  I come from Acapulco Mexico. I am the oldest daughter of a French-Canadian Mother and a Mexican father. I lived in Mexico until I was 22 years old, then moved to Quebec City to learn french and my transformation started there.

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These pictures are from 2005. I had just finished my Bachelors degree living the university girl life that included copious amounts of alcohol, processed foods, greasy meals, sugary drinks and no raw veggies nor exercise whatsoever. Everyone in my family and friends eats meat. I was not the exception at that point. On the outside I was this happy, popular amongst my friends and a very cheerful person. On the inside I led a life full with self-hate, shameful of my body and my appearance and trying to cover it up by buying useless material stuff with all the best brand names out there.

I got in Quebec, Canada with no car, no friends, with just enough money to rent a room and buy monthly food, lots of time and a whole new language to learn. So I dedicated myself to study and to kill some time off and boredom due to terrible winters, I started going to the gym. At this point it was the first time in my life that I had to cook for myself. In Acapulco I had the fortune to live with whom I call my second mother Ala, who cooked amazing meals for my family and played along  with me during all my different crazy diets. During university I lived like most of the students: on almost ready meals or takeout or cheap meal restaurants. Big change for me now being alone! I started to cook and to go to the gym. Little by little I started to notice differences in my body, attitude and mindset. I realized how much of a difference in my life exercise was making. So I tried to include it at least 3 times a week and every 2 months I allowed myself to go to the mall and try on all the things that I wouldn’t even dream before to be able to wear. That was an incentive for me: real size dropping. I was a size 13 back then.


But smaller size and better looks did not give me long-lasting joy. Besides overweight I had been fighting with depression since college. That “feeling low” state of mind and anger crisis were part of my daily routine. “Everyone is better than me”, “I can’t do that”, “I f*#$g hate this life” kind of statements were a staple on my mind. I remember one time my sister and my mother sat me down after I had gone through one of these crisis and told me that if I wanted to, they would come with me to Neurotics Anonymous because they couldn’t bear any longer my severe mood swings. Depression is a serious condition and from experience I can tell you that the BEST way to deal with it is through healing your GUT. It took me 12 years to nail this down but I fortunately did.  After I came back from an internship in Peru in 2011 where I had gained 8 kg, depression was written all over my face.


Started going for the first time ever to a psychotherapist which did help me out at some level to figure out what was going on with me but did not change the root of my chronic sadness and unfulfillment. I still avoided my friends, social events and any commitment that involved showing up in person. Until one day while I was day-dreaming about being in Mexico through Facebook, away from this winter (which was in my head the main reason of my depression), I saw a posting of one of my friends where she said she was going to do this 7 day juice detox challenge. She has the most amazing body and has always been like this, so I wondered what it involved for her to want to do this challenge. It was a juice “fast”. All there was to do was to make raw fresh pressed juices, 1 big juice every 3 hours for 7 days. I already had a machine that my mother in-law gave us and said..what the hell! One more diet, why not?  And so I started to do the best thing I have ever done for my life: juicing. Lost over 7 lbs in those seven days. Felt 200% times better. I had more mind clarity and acuteness and results were shown everywhere in my body, my face, my skin, my eyesight and my mood! Since then I have been able to continue to lose weight without even trying. I learned that you need to clean your digestive system and your colon which is your trash can. I have learned to become more aware of my eating habits. I learned to listen to my body, to forgive myself and to let go. After this cleanse I have way more energy than ever before accompanied by a different positive mindset. Juicing is a fabulous practice that I will be talking about all our journey together, because I think it literally saved my relationship, my mind and basically my life.


Do I still count calories? No. Do I still get my ups and downs? Yes, life happens.  Do I still have low self esteem? Hell no!  And it is not magic.  It is the fact that my GUT is way healthier than 3 years ago. Eating “light” or “fat free” foods are not the answer nor a long-term solution to losing weight and getting physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. The gut holds so many secrets and if you treat it good it will treat you so much better in a holistic way.

This is the kind of attitude I want to rub on you. I want to transmit my happiness and share this change of lifestyle that can literally and tangibly change the course of your life. You are the only one who has control over what you put in your mouth and your body. Every bite you take is a vote and a decision.  Join me in my experiments. Lets learn and improve our lives, our families health and our communities together. Food is so much more than just substinance material for our bodies. Food brings people together, it is the base of every culture on earth. Food is everywhere and we just need to know what is good for us.

Why go through all these diseases which are known to be easily prevented? like heart disease, obesity, depression, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, all sorts of cancers, thyroid problems, hypertension, eczemas, leaky gut and many many more. Why make our loved ones go through all this long and painful process of seeing us suffer like this? Why condemn our kids to grow and greatly increase their chances of developing  all sorts of allergies, mental and physical problems? Our society is already sick. We need to change that. We know the true answer to these ailments does not lie in taking medicines, getting a new haircut, a new vehicle or the latest technological artifact.  We need to change the way we nourish our machines. We are literally what we eat. Sounds like a cliché, but it is not. It is just plain and simple truth.

Lets practice prevention for a change, lets do it together and lets do it the right way: through a whole foods, plant-based diet.

Join me in this journey. Great positive changes are about to come!


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