My purpose with this blog is to share the information I’ve gathered, practiced and experimented with since I turned vegetarian and then vegan as well as share my passion for cooking, fermenting, gardening and juicing. I also want to pass on to people that leading a plant-based raw foods lifestyle is about acknowledging the life rights of other sentient beings. It is about the responsibility we have towards Mother Earth and towards ourselves. It is about OUR health and about living in harmony with ALL-living-things. Perhaps the most beautiful thing of all, is that this clean way of eating is anything but boring. It provides you with healing energy and vitality levels that you’ve never experienced before. It is the way we were really designed to eat. Basically, I mainly hope this blog will give some kind of inspiration to make the best and most empowering choices for your overall health, one step at a time.

For all of you who didn’t get to know me in my younger years, I used to be a “heavy” person. I always had a big battle with my weight, my looks and my self-esteem; always had digestive problems, horrible mood swings, bad acne problems, chronic migraines and have always been extremely anxious. Food used to be a very touchy issue and for as long as I can remember I had a battle with it; never really fully enjoying it because I was always thinking of all the exercise I would have to do after eating this or that meal; or I was always feeling guilty because after stuffing my face I didn’t feel like “repairing” the damage.  So food and me always had a sick relationship.  Thankfully it has all changed. I am a Food Security Advisor and Urban Organic Agriculturist with a passion for vegan, fermented and raw foods and I just got certified as a Raw Chef and Health Coach. Bottom line, I am constantly striving to become a better human being. 

To me, food and the way it is grown, harvested and prepared are now sacred. I’ve learned that the food you eat is really what dictates your state of mind, your health, your spirit and your vision in life for the education of YOUR life. Food gets ingested –and hopefully enjoyed at the same time- and then, after passing through literally millions of different and simultaneous processes it gets to its final absorption destination: The Gut. The gut is responsible of the overall health of your body, your mind and hence your spirit. Your gut’s health is of imperative importance to keep you healthy, happy, radiant, sharp and outstandingly functional.


I hope you enjoy the photos, articles and recipes posted, along with the nutritional information, cooking and health tips.  A plant-based whole-foods lifestyle is sustainable, compassionate, healthy and easily achievable. You’ll be amazed at the great array of flavours this way of eating will enable you to try and the awesome overall feeling your body will reward you with.

So I welcome you to my Gutty Universe, where you’ll see how great tasting nutritious food can literally heal you from the inside out!



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