Creamy nut milk for coffee…yum!

Hello there!

Sorry for having been absent all this time. Life happened and my dad passed away at the beginning of June. He lived all his life in Acapulco, Mexico and as he always said, he’d died there too. In his beautiful Acapulco Bay. My dad had diabetes and died from a heart attack. Nevertheless, he had a great attitude towards this disease and at the end he lived his life the way he wanted to.


Life I believe is a choosing game. Every choice being a step towards the person you become; constantly changing, constantly making decisions and making choices. So if you feel that you are on the wrong path or that your life could be better and you could be happier, guess what? YOU can change that! Only you! I think the key is to take it one step at a time. Change one thing, one ingredient, one recipe, one habit at a time. It does not matter if you are 60 years old or 20. We are responsible and the writers of our own lives. WE decide how to spend our time in this reality. And let me tell you that I couldn’t see this simple way of looking at life until my dad was suddenly just not with us anymore. He did just that. It was the “today” that counted, not yesterday nor tomorrow. Think about it, 2 minutes ago are gone… nothing can change the past, so no need for regrets. And as for tomorrow, well….we don’t even know if we will wake up or if our hearts will still be beating. What makes you think that your body and its many trillions of little workers will still be doing their job of keeping you in good health -everyday-? That’s right! You just don’t know, so lets get busy on the stuff we can take care of TODAY and stop worrying so much. Sure we can plan ahead and get an idea of what we want to do tomorrow but don’t forget to relish the moments that you are living today, savour the things you achieved and the projects you are working on. We are harsh on ourselves. We have been bombarded with the idea that in order to be a successful person one needs to be “productive” and “efficient” all the time, regardless of our human and animal priorities as living beings. We need love above and before anything else. We need good thoughts in our heads and good food in our bodies. Once these are met, I believe we are capable to make the best decisions for our lives and we are clear enough to see the important things in life.


And so, after a couple of stressful months and lots of reflection time, I finally can sit down again and continue to share ideas on how to change little by little our way of eating.  People always ask me if one would have to definitely stop eating something and never ingest it again, What would you recommend to cut out?  I say cow milk.  Hands down, drop the cow milk. Cow’s milk has this protein called casein which inhibits so many good nutrients to be fully absorbed by our bodies. Dr. T. Colin Campbell’s book “The China Study” is the only book of it’s kind where the effects of Casein protein, which composes 80% of Cow’s milk, are studied in depth. You’ll find amongst other valuable information, explanation on how Casein dramatically promotes liver cancer, breast cancer and little by little kills your immune system by inhibiting good food and its nutrients from truly nourishing our cells. “Casein  is the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered” according to Dr. Campbell. Casein is used in cheeses, adhesives, water paints and for coating paper.  Excuse me, what??!!!?!?!?  paints and glue?!!

I highly recommend reading this book to all of you who are in the dilemma of cutting out of your diet all dairy products. You will be rewarded BIG TIME! It will be the best thing you’ve ever done for your health and towards long-lasting gut happiness. You honestly can feel a big difference once you are dairy free. Your skin gets clearer, your digestion becomes more regular and inevitably you’ll loose weight for good.

No more glue clogging ingredients in our bodies!

Here are the ingredients for the Brazil nut milk I make to put in my coffee.  I LOVE coffee! It still is one of my first thoughts in my head when I wake up. Yet I battle the urge and I drink at least 2 large glasses of water and a cup of warm lemon water before I drink coffee. It even tastes better after all that water passing through. This milk is nutty and creamy. It can be heated up too and it tastes great every the time.


-2 cups of Raw Brazil nuts
-2 cups of filtered water + more for soaking nuts (around 2.5 cups)
-Mesh cloth, nylon bag, muslin bag, even a very fine mesh sieve would do the trick
-High speed blender or Nutribullet, even normal blender! just start with less water when you first grind it, like blending 1 cup of water with the 2 cups of nuts and THEN you add the rest for the called water.


– Cover nuts completely with filtered water overnight, (minimum 4 hours). After soaking, discard the water and rinse the nuts.
– Add rinsed nuts and the 2 cups of water to the blender, blend for 1:30-2:30 minutes, depending on how powerful your blender is.
– Pass the liquid through the strainer into a big bowl or jug. You might want to strain the liquid twice but I just do it once, I like the consistency like that.
– Optional: you can blend your milk with 1 or 2 dates to give some sweetness to the milk. I like it plain for my coffee but i’ve made it also with dates and it is sooooo good!!

And you have milk for your coffee!

Con you see how creamy this milk is?? I wish you could.


Now, if you want nut milk for cereal or just a more liquidy version, just add 1 to 3 cups of water at the time you put the soaked and rinsed nuts in the blender.


I would love to know how it turned out for you all later and if you guys liked it. It is definitely worth trying it out. And then, you can even try making other milks from other nuts, like Pecan, hazelnut, cashew, almond are really popular because they are so good too. Try mixing them up, don’t be afraid to play with the flavours and the textures.

STORAGE: You have to keep it in a hermetic container for up to 5 days. I normally store it in a big mason jar. It never fails to keep freshness in.


MMMMMMM Coffee!!!!!!!

Song of the day by Kiesza, our fellow Canadian artist. Straight from Calgary, Alberta.

Have a beautiful day!


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